Abhyangam and Kizhi

Abhyangam (oil massage) has become popular because of its effective way of conditioning the body. It is defined as application of medicated oil over the body with mild pressure in vital points (marma). It provides stimulation to the nerves and also strengthens the muscles. Along with kizhi, it is highly beneficial for relieving pain and inflammation. Our specialty of Abhyangam and Kizhi is

  • Specially prepared Kalari-Marmanitaila for Abhyanga
  • Specially prepared KalariKizhi for relieving swelling.


  • Mainly for Arthritis.
  • Improves Blood circulation.
  • Reduces swelling.
  • For better sleep.
  • For strong and smooth skin.
  • Reduces pain and swelling.
  • Helpful in degenerative conditions.