Joint Care

Joint pain affect majority of individuals over 50 years of age. The reasons may vary from obesity, calcium deficiency, over exertion. Pain, swelling, stiffness or limited range of movement,weakness are the major issues of joint disorders. Thecommon joint problems that we see usually in our clinics are

  • Degenerative changes - associated with poor nourishment or weakness
  • Inflammation- accumulation of toxic materials (ama).
  • Damage due to injury – hit or fall (sports injuries)

The Ayurvedic line of treatment for such joint disorders mainly includes treating the root cause, Vata -pacifying routine, internal and external administration of medicated drugs to remove Ama and relieve swelling. Abhyanga, Kizhi, Dhara, Vasti, Pichu is very much useful in increasing the circulation thereby relievingpain and swelling which in turn improves joint flexibility.We also use various Lepas(external application)to relieve localized swelling.